The Key to Cellulite Reduction

By Gal Bishop

If you are looking for a quick fix for getting rid of cellulite, you may want to stop reading now. Unfortunately, cellulite reduction is something that takes effort, time and patience. The greatest part of your efforts should be focused on improving circulation and building muscle tone. While there are other secondary treatments you can consider utilizing in the future, it is important to get the basics down first.

First of all, circulation helps promote healthy activity throughout your system. Much research points to toxin build-up as a major cause of cellulite formation. By increasing circulation, toxins can move out of the body rather than building up over time. One of the best ways to increase circulation is through regular exercise. Exercise will improve circulation and metabolism, helping you to burn calories. When practiced regularly, the result will be fat loss. Because cellulite is a form of fat, it will naturally decrease as well.

Next, improving muscle tone can dramatically improve the look of your skin. Women should not be afraid of lifting heavy weights because bulking up excessively is nearly impossible to do. By building up lean muscle, the fat loss is improved even more. Along with the extra fat loss will come a reduction in cellulite. In addition, by building up the lean muscle under the skin, any surface cellulite will be smoothed out and have a more appealing look. Many times, muscle building is the missing ingredient in one's cellulite treatment program.

While either regular cardiovascular exercise or strength training can help make improvements to the unsightly dimples on your backside and thighs, when used in combination they are lethal to cellulite fat deposits. Although this is not the advice most people are looking for when they seek out cellulite remedies, it really does work. Along with a healthy diet and other cellulite reduction products on the market, you will have everything you need to look sleek and sexy if your program is followed on a consistent basis. Yes, consistency with your regimen is really the key to achieving the results you want.