What Is Cellulite? Understanding The Causes Of Orange Peel Skin & Cottage Cheese Thighs


What Is Cellulite?


orange peel skinWell, the title of this section pretty much says it all. It's that dimpled appearance that commonly shows up on the legs, hips, buttocks and abdominal areas of many women - as much as 90% according to most experts. It also affects a few men. These dimples on the skin commonly resemble the peel of an orange or cottage cheese, both of which provide colorful nicknames for the condition.


In very simple terms, cellulite is a type of body fat. Fortunately, it's relatively harmless to your physical health but it can cause serious self-image problems. Cellulite is a bit different than the fat commonly carried around the mid-section of many overweight people because the latter can be harmful and lead to many health conditions and diseases if not corrected.


What Causes Cellulite?


We know that cellulite is fat, but not all fat takes on the appearance of celluite. In fact, not every overweight person has cellulite (although a great number of them do). So what makes those unsightly dimples pop out in all the wrong places?


In a word... toxins.


Toxins and waste products accumulate in the body when we fall victim to unhealthy lifestyle habits. And often the effect of built up toxins becomes more pronounced as we age. After all, the longer we're around, the more toxins we're exposed to and the more bad habits we're able to develop. It all catches up with us at some point.


Unfortunately, when toxins are allowed to build up, they begin to weaken the fibrous tissues responsible for connecting the top layer of skin to the muscles beneath. As a result, the skin becomes less supple and the fat underneath the skin starts to pucker and dimple in the weakened areas. We've all come to know this lumpy development as cellulite.

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Prevention Is The Best Medicine


Cellulite can be prevented in many cases. While some of us are more prone to developing it because of genetics, much can be done to lessen its effect on the skin's appearance.


Eating a clean diet is at the top of the list as well as keeping body fat at normal levels. Good muscle tone will keep body fat in check as well as help to minimize the appearance of any cellulite that forms. Basically, the same good lifestyle habits that keep you healthy will help prevent, or at least minimize, cellulite.


OK, prevention is great... but what if I already have cellulite?


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