Caffeine And Cellulite – Does It Help Or Hurt?

The connection between caffeine and cellulite can mean either of two quite opposite things…

1. Ingested caffeine makes the human body more prone to cellulite formation

2. Caffeine creams and lotions, when rubbed on the skin, can reduce the appearance of cellulite

Experts say that caffeine-filled beverages apparently cause cellulite. They surmise that caffeine probably hampers circulation, shooting up fat unevenly near the surface of the skin.

Doctors tell patients to lay off nicotine, fatty foods, and caffeine, and cellulite will probably lessen or disappear.

Paradoxically, topical applications of caffeine are said to reduce the appearance of cellulite. But, why?

Caffeine and Cellulite – Why the Opposite Reaction?

Caffeine in creams and lotions has the effect of tightening your blood vessels. Tighter blood vessels lead to tighter skin, temporarily making your skin look smoother.

But this reaction is temporary. The connection between caffeine and cellulite does not work on the root cause – those fatty deposits that cause a dimpled appearance on the skin.

Caffeine and Cellulite – What Do Manufacturers Say?

Some manufacturers of creams and lotions say that there is a direct relationship between caffeine and cellulite reduction.

They say that caffeine creams can somehow flush fatty deposits from your skin, ridding it of cellulite. Sort of a diuretic, but this time instead of flushing out water from your body, the caffeine will flush out fat and toxins.

It certainly sounds plausible. However, such claims have not yet been proven through published clinical research. And you just have to be a little skeptical that cosmetics companies have vastly different formulations.

If any sort of caffeine formula were proven by science, you’d expect some sort of uniformity among these commercial preparations.

In 2000, the European Journal of Dermatology reported that out of the 32 creams and lotions they reviewed, the ingredients numbered anywhere from four to 31. What’s more, these concoctions were hardly similar. Caffeine was found in only 14 preparations.

Caffeine and Cellulite – What Do Studies Say?

Scientists say that the cosmetics industry began connecting caffeine and cellulite due to caffeine’s distant association with aminophylline, which is a bronchodilator.

Perhaps the industry figured that since it relaxes the lungs it could remove stress from the muscles, minimizing the appearance of cellulite. But so far, there is no independent clinical research that connects caffeine and cellulite.

The only studies that have been conducted are by the makers of creams and lotions that use caffeine as the active ingredient against cellulite.

If you choose to use a cellulite cream, your best bet is to pick one and try it out. Make sure you give it plenty of time to work before giving up on it. If, after a few weeks of consistent use you fail to see any results, move on to the next option. Reputable companies will offer to let you return the product if it doesn’t work out for you… take them up on it.

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