Thin Thighs Program Review – Can You Really Reduce Your Trouble Spots, Sculpt Bulging Areas & Remove Cellulite Forever?

Thin Thighs Program by Victoria JohnsonThe Thin Thighs Program by Victoria Johnson promises sexy, shapely thin thighs that will “turn men’s heads when you walk by”. OK, I’ll admit those claims sound like a dream come true… especially for those of us engaged in our own battle against cellulite. Usually our thighs take the biggest hit and need the most help.

So, what exactly is Victoria’s Thin Thighs Program and what will it do for you?

First off, the basic product is an e-book (a PDF file that you download to your computer – you receive it right away once you order). The main program is a hefty 102 pages with a large part of it devoted to Victoria’s philosophy. I liked this section because it provided the “why” behind what she teaches and also an incredible amount of motivation to actually carry through and follow the program itself.

Then, it goes into the specifics of the program and provides instructions for all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. This feature is good because you have defined steps to take as you progress through the program.

The final section of the main program shows each recommended exercise. It includes full-color pictures of each move performed by Victoria herself. There’s also detailed written instructions for each one.

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Now, if that were all you get with the program, you’d have plenty of information to sculpt some great-looking legs. But there’s actually a lot more that comes with the program in the way of bonuses. But, unlike some programs I’ve seen, the bonuses actually relate to the program and help you to accelerate your progress.

Thin Thighs Program Bonuses

1. Quick Start Fat Loss Diet – This separate e-book contains just over 100 pages of fat loss gold. Again, in Victoria’s unique style, she explains the “why” and the overall strategy for you to follow first. There’s a lot of motivation sprinkled throughout as well. Then, she gives you the specifics, a day by day plan, that you can follow to start losing fat. You’ll find food lists, do’s and don’ts along with a bunch of fat busting recipes.

2. Quick Start Fat Loss Audio – This is a 2-part downloadable mp3 audio recording of Victoria explaining her Quick Start Fat Loss Program. It’s great motivation and because it’s an mp3, you can take it with you and listen while you’re on the go!

3. Freedom From Fat, Cellulite Solution Audio – Victoria likes to call fatty cellulite dimples “lady lumps”. In this 2-part audio she shares exactly what you need to do to get rid of cellulite. Her strategies are based on her own research and real-life experiences. Very enlightening and inspiring!

4. Performance Planner – A short guide with tips and performance planning charts to keep you on track and getting results. Really helpful and practical.

5. Trouble Spot Tune-Up – This handy report shows you how to do a 10 minute lower body workout when you just don’t have time for a full workout. Focuses entirely on butt, hips and thighs.

6. 100 Calorie Snack Report – OK, you’ll love this one. Everyone loves snacks but they can really foul up the best of all diet plans. This report gives you a list of snacks you can eat all the time as well as “sometimes” snacks. Makes it a no-brainer.

7. Turbulence Training For Women – This 30 page report provides a detailed 4-week at home workout specifically for women. Comes complete with exercise pictures, descriptions and performance charts. And most importantly, all exercises are designed specifically for the home.

8. Bikini Ready Abs – This 26 page report is geared towards at-home abdominal workouts specifically for women (after all, men don’t wear bikinis!) It’s a good fit with this program because many women also have excess fat or lack of tone in the mid-section – this plan firms it all up.

That covers all the bonuses listed on the Thin Thighs Program website. However, when I downloaded my copy there were a couple of other surprises. I won’t describe them here since they’re not part of Victoria’s website – however, the ones I received were VERY good resources.

Overall, my rating for this program is excellent. Victoria is an expert – she’s a personal trainer to a number of celebrities and has conquered her own fat loss and cellulite issues too. Her teaching style is extremely motivational – she doesn’t just tell you what to do, she actually motivates you to do it! This is important because we all know that motivation is one of the biggest hurdles we face in reaching our goals. If you need motivation, Victoria’s got it!

Are you ready to get rid of cellulite, reduce your trouble spots and get sculpted, sexy legs? Click here to get started now!

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½
We give Thin Thighs Program a 9 1/2 out of 10 rating because of its practical advice as well as its ability to motivate and inspire.

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