Cellulite Massage Technique Options For Home And Spa

Cellulite is an unsightly problem that affects the bodies of women of all ages and sizes. Cellulite happens when fat cells directly under the skin turn upwards and give the skin a bumpy, uneven appearance. Fortunately, there are recent developments in cellulite massage technique options that can help smooth the skin and make cellulite undetectable. These anti cellulite massages can be performed at home or by a professional.

One of the cellulite massage techniques used with a cellulite massage machine is the deep mechanical massage. This technique works by lifting the skin while providing a continuous deep massage to the outer surface of the skin. The lifting of the skin, as well as the penetrating massage help to smooth the skin’s surface and lift all of the fat cells to create a more level appearance. Cellulite massage at home is a great way to save money so these types of devices can certainly help.

Deep cellulite massages are generally performed by a professional massage therapist because of the type of massage machine that must be used. However, Home Medics has a massage machine that offers a mechanical massage with heat to loosen up the fat cells available specifically for home purchase. Another popular at home option is the cellulite massage roller from Verseo.

Another one of the most effective and popular cellulite massage techniques is the laser treatment. Laser lights loosen the fat directly underneath the skin’s surface, combating the lumpy nature of cellulite. Laser treatments are available at clinic and spas, but typically are not intended for home use. Machines can be purchased in many places online, but most who seek laser treatment prefer to go to a professional to avoid the hassle of finding and working such a large, expensive machine. Laser treatments can be well worth it and they receive many rave reviews from those who rely on them.

Lastly, a good old fashioned massage technique that can be used by anyone is a massage done by hand. Anti cellulite hand massages are performed by licensed massage therapists, as well as those who are knowledgeable of cellulite massage treatments and techniques. Anti cellulite massages are relaxing massages that involve rubbing the skin in a circular motion and gently lifting the skin between the fingers to stretch to help create a smoother surface.

The important thing to remember with cellulite massage is that is needs to be repeated on a regular basis. Your budget and available time will of course play a role in determining which cellulite massage technique is right for you.

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